Human Rights





    Persian Movement for Culture and Human Rights – Artemis

    Our Activities

    The organization was founded in 1989 and has it's residence in Cologne.

    Director: Mrs. Mahin Arjomand

    Member of the Managers Board: Dr. Hassan Kianzad

    We understand ourselves as humanitarian association, which stands for peace, liberty, democracy and the adherence to the human rights. Our initial members originate from Iran.

    We care about social and integration problems of people from Iran and the neighbouring regions (Afghanistan, Turkey) and the difficulties arising from it.

    We make assistance with the topic for asylum and the questions, which arise in handling public and institutions.

    We constantly strive for the co-operation and support from Iranians (women and men) inside Germany just like on international level.

    We want to promote the Persian cultural and artistic activities in particular outside of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    The work of the association does not pursue economic goals.